Stage 1: The Conception

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I was running my own fast food business, it was very physically demanding and combined with the mounting cost of keeping the business afloat had me stressed out of my mind.

I truly love the fast food business and have put my heart and soul into it over the past 4 years, but nothing seems to ever go right with it, there is always interest rate rises, petrol prices and then the latest economic crunch we had to have, it was truly getting me down.

Quirky Gal and Fergus

Quirky Gal and Fergus

In the midst of all my woes, I thought I needed to find something to escape with, just to take my mind off all the troubles and the normal hobbies just aren’t me. Luckily along came eBay, this has been my savour and I love it. For the past year I have been selling items from around the home, op shop, garage sales and markets. The thrill of seeing someone bidding on my item is something I just love and I don’t even care if it only sells for 99 cents!

I have made some mistakes and due to my impatient nature have not read things properly and stuffed up, but I won’t do it twice. I then decided as I do that I needed to take things to the next level on eBay. I thought importing seems like the go, but hey what do I import? So after months of research I thought baby items seemed a good thing.

My plan was based on the cost of these items, their popularity and that well there will always be babies my new idea was born. I would sell quality baby items for a fraction of the cost through eBay and have part of the profits go to charity for kids that don’t have great parents like the ones that would purchase from me on eBay. Ha, that part was easy, but what did I know about importing? At that point in time, not much, so stay tuned for the next instalment.


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