Stage 2 – What next?

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Well well well, my first little trial run at importing something has gone belly up; thank god I only invested a few dollars. I started looking at on-line sites that advertised companies that wholesale their items and found a few.

Being impatient and all I decide to use Trade Key and make enquiries with certain companies about strollers. Who would have thought over 3000 companies in China all can provide me with a brand name stroller? Unbelievable. After weeks of emailing and tossing and turning I decide on one company,  placed my order and payed for my items.

Things were looking good, they received the money and they issued me with a tracking number for my goods. I thought yep all is good, checked the tracking number and watched the progress of my items.

I received my invitation to  pick-up the goods from the post office and set off full of excited. When they handed me my box of goodies, I thought there must be others, surely?

Alas there was not.  I thought unless I have purchased miniature prams or they were inflatable then things aren’t good. I get the box home and open it up and imagine my surprise when I see 5 pairs of shoes instead of 5 prams.

I first thought this is a mistake and could be easily fixed. I must have someone elses items. I took a picture of the docket and items and emailed the company. They said it was a mistake and that they would look into it. The company had been in operation 5 years and had trust points to say they are good to deal with. After many emails of being told it takes time, it was the shipping companies fault and there is nothing they can do about it, I lodged a claim through the website I used. They then contacted the company who said they will contact me and arrange for the item to be sent, they never did of course and then they were suspended from the importing website.

I was thinking why would you go to the trouble of sending something in the first place if you were dodgy, I guess it was an error but they weren’t interested in fixing it, I really don’t know. So I have wised up and learnt more about on-line sites to deal with or not deal with. It was best it happened on a small shipment not a large one where lots of dollars changed hands.

I thought things can still be risky so what should I do, I need a better strategy than this. My saying is if it was easy everyone would be doing it, it takes time and patience girl and I don’t have much.

Tips –
•    Use Alibaba it is a great wholesale website – use Gold Members to be sure
•    Don’t rush your decision, ask for one item
•    Make sure the person always uses their name on the emails
•    Ring up and check the details, ring the phone number, check the web for information on the company, ask them for their certificate of business
•    Check they haven’t got more than one business or company name

Sounds a lot but remember you will become an expert in no time and hopefully you won’t get 5 pairs of shoes….


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