Quirkyco goes to China: Part 4

Day 4

The panoramic viewThe panoramic view

Up early today, so we were the first ones at breakfast. That meant no pushing and shoving,  but there was still the lady who piled her plate like a huge tower and devoured it in minutes. Not a good look.

After breakfast it was time to see my friends at the business centre to discover what had happened on Quirkyco overnight. All was good and enough time to send Leigh an email and tell Abby some thoughts we had on the cots. Then it was time for more shopping before leaving for Guangzhou.

Quirky Gal and Quirky Guy

Quirky Gal and Quirky Guy

The plane trip to Guangzhou was quite uneventful after the half hour wait on the tarmac. When we landed there was the usual rush for everyone to stand up and get out.

When we finally got off, it was down to the baggage carousel to wait again for our bags. It was funny to see everyone congregate around the little hole between the baggage handlers and ourselves, only to find that they were standing at the wrong end. Funnier still was the mad rush across the room to greet their bags – which were mostly in a worse state than when they left Shanghai.

Next was the task of getting to the hotel without any Chinese information. We had worked out that it was cheaper and far easier to go by bus than attempt to speak to a taxi driver.

We arrived at the bus terminal and discovered the Motel was another 5 minute walk after some rudimentary directions from a passer by.

The reception was located on level 22 because of renovations, so the clerk kindly gave us an upgrade. We were sent up to level 35. The rooms had recently been refurbished – although the workmanship was average at best. One thing we noted (and was to be the real downfall of the place) was the bed. it was so hard it was like sleeping on a table. It was tempting to just sleep on the couch! We had never experienced such a hard bed and yet the pillows were really soft. But no use complaining, just suck it up and make do.

Quirky Gal and Quirky Sis

Quirky Gal and Quirky Sis

We soon found out there was great shopping to be had – better than Shanghai with cheaper prices, so decided to buy up big when we return from Shenzhen so we don’t have to carry everything around now. Home to bed before a big day tomorrow at the Canton Fair.

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