Quirkyco goes to China: Part 5

Day 5

Today we were up and ready by 7am to get breakfast in the hotel. Wrong move. Nothing looked good and due to ongoing renovations they had to bring the food in from another floor. It was by far the worst breakfast of the trip.

We then ggot on the free shuttle to Canton Fair only to find the bus won’t leave until it’s full! So nobody knows when it will leave.

Outside Canton Fair

Outside Canton Fair

Finally we arrive at the Canton Fair, and it is just like the Melbourne Exhibition Centre..but ten times bigger. There is over 500 exhibitors it would take 3 days to get around it all.

We got to look at all the furniture. There was nothing suitable for baby furniture, but we found some quirky chairs that we might try. The factory is close to Abby which was good.

Unfortunately we had to eat McDonalds for lunch, as there wasn’t much else to choose from. Then we went to another section to see home decor, but got sidetracked at the toys! Quirky guy and Quirky Sis wanted the remote helicopter but thought we might be able to get one cheaper. So off to the toy section we went only to discover that all the baby exhibitors where in the toy section which was great. This gave us lots to see and check out.

Canton Fair

Canton Fair

While Quirky Guy went off to find the helicopter, Quirky Gal and Quirky Sis headed off in different directions. This was not a good idea, as Quirky Gal got lost and had a minor melt down (pre-menstrual tension of course). So I yelled at Quirky Guy for leaving, and ranted that it was the worst holiday ever and I never wanted to go anywhere again….blah blah, you know the drill. So it was back on the bus to the hotel for a much needed rest and sort out the emotions.

Feeling refreshed, we headed back out shopping. It was like Bangkok markets everywhere, but just in buildings. After looking through miles of shopping aisles we decided a foot massage was needed so off we went to find one. The hotel Lido close by had a great place so we decided on a foot massage and pedicure and sat back to enjoy the experience. Our feet went into large wooden buckets of milky water with rose petals and they started massaging our back and neck. A bit strange for a foot massage but after the foot soak they got straight onto the feet and it was more of a complete massage and pedicure for only about $15AUD. Nice and relaxing before dinner.

We went in search of a restaurant and found a place that looked busy, with a mixture of locals and tourists, called Tiger Prawn.

The food was amazing with mixed entree with rice paper to wrap it in and dipping sauce.  When we got the bill it was only $30AUD –  so cheap for a high quality meal. The food has been great so far with only the one exception. Time for a bit more shopping before we hit the rock-hard bed at the hotel.

Once back at the hotel we went on the Internet to find accommodation in Shenzhen for 2 nights. We found accommodation at Best Western, which was very close to the train station and sounded great.

Stay tuned for Day 6!

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