Quirkyco Goes To China: Part 7

Today we were really slow to get going – well, Quirky Guy and Quirky Gal were…Quirky Sis was already up and exploring. After missing the buffet breakfast, we went off to find something to eat and decided on hot chocolates (that turned out to cost as much as home) and some toasted sandwiches. We had begun to realise you just have to eat when you get the chance because who knows when you will get another opportunity.

Then it was back to the hotel to wait for John, who was taking us to somewhere called Window World. We thought it had something to do with computers, because John would mention them in the same sentence. Quirky Sis thought we were going to see windows for the house!

Us with John at Window World

Us with John at Window World

It turned out that Window World featured each country on display in miniature!

We were all in fits of laughter about what we had thought it was, but John said not trip to Shenzen was complete without a trip to Window World.

Getting drenched at Window World

Getting drenched at Window World

It was very cute. Australia featured the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Opera House and Ayers Rock. We went on a log ride that went around (not over) the Niagra Falls. They gave you rain coats and a face cloth and we were all thinking, “Why do we need these?” It turns out we got absolutely drenched – shoes hair and clothing. Not funny. John loved it and wanted photos of the ride so he and Quirky Sis waited 10 minutes for our photo to be printed and laminated. Then John asked for it to be re trimmed a few times. We spent a few hours at Window World and it certainly was an experience. Very funny.

Time for John to eat Western again, then into another cab to go explore the bookend shop and the other shops around it. It was great seeing the bookend place and some other quirky things, ie. vases, platters and teapots. I saw lots of things that my customers would love. I then discovered some gorgeous gift boxed teacup sets that you will love too.

Quirky teacups for my customers

Quirky teacups for my customers

Once we had looked in all the shops it was onto the computer market to sort out the adaptors for the breast pumps, and try to get them in white so they looked better. John had other places he needed to go to and we were all pretty much over it by then. We had never seen so many electronics parts ever. We found everything and then stopped by the baby monitor place and they showed us some new products, which we will try because the quality from this manufacturer is very good.

Time to go back to the hotel. John wanted to leave us at the cab but we hadn’t given him his Midori drenched gifts (see earlier posts!), so he came back to the hotel. He later explained that he had left something at the market and it closed at 6pm!

He was so excited to get his gifts and then he disappeared. It was great to meet him. What a funny guy and such a great help. I imagine he would have been exhausted after speaking English for 2 days – he said he hadn’t spoken it in five years!

Quirky Sis at the buffet

Quirky Sis at the buffet

Time for dinner at the hotel buffet. We ate all the chocolate brownies and the cheese, it was great. It was like we hadn’t eaten in weeks! Then it was off to explore the markets we had seen earlier – about 10 floors of shopping. We still managed to buy more, but shopback was not as good as Guanzhou. We were saving ourselves for when we got back. All shopped out and off to bed.

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