Quirkyco Goes to China: Part 8

Day 8 started without breakfast, checking out from Best Western Felicity and heading straight to the train station. Although only a short walk, it was somewhat difficult with all our heavy bags going up and down stairs. Fortunately they have ramps in the middle of the stairs where you can pull your bags ( if on wheels) up and down.

We bought our tickets and had learnt from our previous trip to rush through the turnstiles to ensure our bags didn’t get trapped. No seating issues this time around and we were whisked away at 120kph to Guangzhou.

Quirky Gal squeezed in with the bags

Quirky Gal squeezed in with the bags

Arriving at the station we went to catch a taxi and remembered that we didn’t have directions to give to the driver. We found our courtesy bus info and gave this to the driver while Quirky Guy tried to squeeze bags into the boot. They didn’t fit and we had squeeze them in the back seat instead. We finally got to the hotel but it seemed to be the long way round, with a couple of extra trips over the river.

Our lovely suite

Our lovely suite

The desk clerks were very courteous this time around and were all dressed in uniform. Maybe because of too many complaints1 We were offered a suite instead of two separate rooms, and discovered they were really lovely (except for the same extremely hard beds!).

We had lunch at our now favorite place, Tiger Prawn. While waiting for a seat, one of the staff (or owner) spoke English with an Aussie accent. He was very helpful and guided us with the order and arranged one of the staff to help with using the rice paper by wrapping each serve. We preferred to do it ourselves but accepted the kind offer. The food as expected, was fantastic.

Quirky Gal's signature pink wig

Quirky Gal's signature pink wig

So it now was time to spend up big and buy everything we had been dreaming of, as we knew from experience that Guangzhou was the cheapest place to shop (after a lot of bartering). We got jeans, shirts, tops, handbags, ear, nose, belly and maybe even xxx rings (you will have to check that one with Qirky sis!). Quirky Gal bought the signature Pink wig and Quirky Guy got his much wanted helicopter.

Shop til we drop!

Shop til we drop!

It was now getting late and most stalls were closed. We had no dinner so decided just to have a Mc Donald’s thickshake and call it a night.

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