Quirkyco Goes to China: Part 9

We woke up with bad backs (as expected) and got ready for the Textiles day at the Fair.

Quirky Gal connected to cyberspace while the others arranged for the now heavily laden and multiplying bags to be stored. We set off on the shuttle bus and were off and into the Fair in no time.

Quirky Sis was on a mission butQuirky Guy & Gal were not firing on all cylinders – always looking for the nearest seat to slouch into. There were endless aisles of various clothing, shoes and material to see.

As quickly as we got there, we also returned. One more trip to Tiger Prawn and the now famous mixed entree. We went back to the hotel got our bags and some written instructions to get us to the East Guangzhou Railway Station. The porter flagged down a taxi and squeezed bags into any available space, which meant bags were piled onto the Quirky gals with no room to move!

Quirky Sis & Quirky Guy ready for the trip

Quirky Sis & Quirky Guy ready for the trip

The trip to the station was taking longer than expected and via some unchartered roads. Quirky Gal questioned whether we got instructions to the Airport instead but we did turn up at the station although it was at a different side to when we first arrived there.

Our luxurious train trip

Our luxurious train trip

We queued up to go through screening and again to go through customs. We walked to the train and were surprised to see the double decker train and our seats were on the upper deck. The seating was quite plush and we thought we better lap this up because we had the flight with Asia Air (Sardine Air) to come. The timing for the day was very good as we boarded the train at 3:20 for 3:30 departure to Kowloon in Hong Kong.

The train was great, very comfy and fantastic view out the windows. We had arrived before we knew it and then it was time to work out where our hotel was. We thought there was a shuttle bus to the hotel but it turned out that there wasn’t (or at least no instructions to book it) so took a cab to the Metro Park on Waterloo Rd Kowloon.

We waited in line and eventually a cab came along for us. They had bigger boots than China but still not big enough to fit all our luggage. The boot was tied down with a jockey strap, as were most of the other cabs.

The driver took us to a place that looked bright and lively. It reminded us of Chapel Street Melbourne with lights. The streets look so beautiful lit up at night. We stopped at this great hotel but unfortunately it wasn’t ours, so another read of the instructions by the taxi driver and we were whisked away never to see that area again. Hopefully to the right destination this time.

In a few minutes we were at our hotel and booked in, it was a lovely hotel for the money, a double and single bed. Quirky Guy and Quirky Sis went to the room to unpack, Quirky Gal had to check the messages for customers and respond.

Once that was done we were off to explore the sites and markets of Hong Kong. I just loved the way the streets were lit up at night in all the cities we have been to. It is so alive and happening. Probably alive because of the 1.2 billion inhabitants!

We headed to the jade market and found lots of market stalls. We decided to enjoy the outside dining that was on offer. Sadly we had been spoilt at the Tiger Prawn. The food was OK but not much to rave about. Sadly the shopping was very disappointing also with junk jewelry and sub-standard copy items for sale.

There wasn’t even any haggling, all very casual with a take it or leave it attitude. Where was all the hard selling – “Missy Missy come looking” or “just looking” and touching your arm to get your attention? I guess we missed it and the thrill of bartering.

Hong Kong lacked all that, maybe some lessons from the Chinese might improve their business? If you want to shop, Guangzhou is the place, especially for clothing.

The gorgeous pool

The gorgeous pool

Eventually, Quirky Gal had brought another 5 lucky cats and a bling pink tie for Quirky Guy to wear to the upcoming Quirky Gal 40th birthday party. Then we decided to head back to the hotel for the toilet and our first swim in a pool.

The temperature of the water was great and we met a lovely Pommy guy who had been to Adelaide 3 times. We said he shouldn’t repeat that to Aussies as it was nothing to rave about! He was a nice guy, we all had some laughs about the lady on the butt-shaking machine in the gym that we could see from the pool. It was time for the pool to close so we were back down to the room to pack.

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