Quirkyco Goes to China: The Final Chapter

Well, it’s the last day of the Quirky adventure to China! And it looks to be a full day of travel on planes.

In the cab on way to airport, the scenery was great and we decided on a few things to do the next time we come over.

Finally at the airport, ready for home

Finally at the airport, ready for home

Arrive at the airport and it is huge, just the biggest I have ever countered. Eventually after 3 lifts and lots of travelators, we were waiting for the counter to open. Time to find breakfast.

It is surprisingly tasty and cheap for airport food. Quirky Sis is still looking for the coconut lollies someone gave her on the train trip to Shenzhen. After 100 lolly shops we decided they must not exist in Asia!

Quirky Gal wants to check out the shops and look at the real deal items (not that you can tell the difference!) and Quirky Guy just wants the free Internet to work. We were loaded up with chocolate and magazines and headed off to gate 45. However we didn’t realise that involved a train to the gate. Once there we find no other people and started to panic that we may have been late, only to find the gate number had been changed to 35.

We run there, thinking we were going to miss it and have a heart attack because we are all so unfit! Finally get to gate 35 and the plane is nowhere to be seen, however all the passengers are at the gate. Hey what, they are calling everyone on so do we have to walk? As we get closer to the gate we realise the airplane is quite small and we didn’t notice it at the gate. Before we know it we are boarded and off to KL.

On the plane Quirky Gal decide on some health food cakes, and drink and then settle in to write more about our adventures and read the mags purchased from the airport. I have felt disconnected from the world without knowing the celebrity gossip! Looking forward to seeing my baby Fergus (the dog) and sleeping in my bed.

About to arrive in KL…signing off for now. Thanks for sharing my adventure, and look forward to getting all my quirky new products onto eBay for you to enjoy.

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