Introducing Quirky Mum

For a long time, I have wanted to provide some useful/helpful information for new mums; something that could make their journey a little easier.

Quirky Mum Peggy!

Say hello to Quirky Mum!

As I am only a mum to furry children, my wisdom would not really be relevant! So I would like to welcome to the Quirky team our new resident expert – Quirky Mum Peg.

Peggy is a personal trainer and specialises in antenatal exercise for new mums.

She is also my sister and a mum of three boys – the youngest only 2 weeks old! Their names are Jack (7 years), Bodhi (1 year) and baby Anakin.

Peggy can help you with all types of information ranging from nutritional advice to exercises and anything new-mum related.

She will provide weekly information on a range of topics. If there is anything you would like more information on, please just let us know.

Over the next few months we will also upload some videos and exercises to help keep you in shape both before and after bubs’ arrival.

We are so happy to have a new member on the team and would love to get your feedback on the information provided.

PS. Don’t forget to check my three eBay stores – Quirky Bubba, Quirky Gal and QuirkyCo. Also follow us on Twitter for discounts and updates.


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