Quirky Mum on: Pregnancy and Nutrition

Did you know that pregnant women only need an extra 700kj (170 Calories) daily – which is equal to a 200g tub of low fat yoghurt?

Therefore it is important that pregnant women be aware that the quality of their food must be high to deliver all the nutrients vital for their health, together with their growing baby.

The macronutrient guidelines for pregnant women (ie. carbs, protein and fat) are very similar to that of the non-pregnant population. However it is recommended that more protein is needed to support the growth of the baby, placenta, breasts, uterus and blood supply.  It is also important to note that most Aussie women eat more than enough protein to assist with this and only those on a vegetarian diet should consider seeing a dietician to ensure they are meeting all their nutrition needs.

Weight gain during pregnancy:

Gaining 10-13kg during the pregnancy is considered to be within the healthy weight range.  Someone who is overweight prior to the pregnancy may gain less and a woman who is underweight may need to gain more than the recommended 13kg.

It is important to note that pregnancy is not the time to start following a restrictive diet, but rather to keep high fat and sugary foods to a minimum as these foods can contribute to excessive weight gain, which in turn can lead to increased blood pressure and blood glucose levels in the expectant mother.

The total weight gained during the pregnancy is made up as follows:

  • 3kg + = mother’s fat stores
  • 5kg + = mothers uterine & breast tissue together with increased blood volume
  • 5kg + = the baby, placenta and sac fluid.

About me: I’m a qualified Elite Personal Trainer, which means I’m a qualified Cert III Fitness Instructor, Cert IV Personal Trainer and Older Adults Trainer. I have done extensive training in Pre and Post Natal Fitness and Nutrition, which is now what I specialise in. I also train a group fitness class using the “Swiss ball”.

I’m also a Registered Fitness Professional with Fitness Australia. My registration number is 22987.

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