Quirky Mum on: Vitamins, Calcium and Pregnancy

It is important that pregnant women eat 2 to 3 pieces of fruit daily to meet their vitamin c requirement.  This vitamin assists with iron absorption (which in turn assists with normal bowel function) in the mother and also contributes to the skin, bone, tooth, gum and body tissue formation in the foetus.


The average adult population is required to have an intake of 800mg of calcium a day (which is equal to three serves per day of say, 200g tub of yoghurt, 30g slice of cheese and a 250ml drink of reduced fat milk) however the pregnant and breastfeeding mother require 1,300mg per day.

Calcium assists with the formation of bones and teeth in the foetus.

It is known that as early as the 6th week of pregnancy, the foetus teeth begin forming and as the baby acts as a parasite taking whatever nutrients needed from the mother thus it is easy for the mothers stores of calcium to become depleted.  Therefore, it is extremely important to ensure the mothers diet includes consumption of enough calcium rich foods such as dairy foods, prawns, salmon, sardines and legumes such as kidney beans.

About me: I’m a qualified Elite Personal Trainer, which means I’m a qualified Cert III Fitness Instructor, Cert IV Personal Trainer and Older Adults Trainer. I have done extensive training in Pre and Post Natal Fitness and Nutrition, which is now what I specialise in. I also train a group fitness class using the “Swiss ball”.

I’m also a Registered Fitness Professional with Fitness Australia. My registration number is 22987.

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