Morning… Midday… Midnight… Sickness

They call it morning sickness, but anyone who has experienced it knows its not just restricted to the morning. Although, the morning is your best chance to get it under control for the day. If you can settle your tummy before you get out of bed, then you are better prepared to deal with the rest of the day.

They say all sorts of rational and encouraging things about morning sickness. Like it means it is a strong pregnancy, bub is growing well and healthy. Or that its just hormones and estrogen. That it will be gone by the 2nd trimester.

Sometimes it is gone by the 2nd trimester and sometimes your acupuncturist says to you “well, no point getting any more needles, the nausea will stop when baby comes out” – very reassuring!

Morning Sickness Remedies

There are many supposed cures or remedies for morning sickness. And at the end of the day sometimes something will work for one person and not another. I found that things worked for a few days. I would find a miracle cure for the morning sickness. It would work for a week. Then back to the bucket.

One of the things that worked best were ginger chews, I find them squirreled away in every purse and pocket. Don’t overdo it on the ginger though, anything in excess will not be good for bub. So mix it up with other herbs like calming mint and chamomile.

Apples helped. A nice crisp apple really settled my tummy, for about a week I was eating 3-4 a day.

Probiotics were my miracle cure. I got a bottle of probiotic powder and that helped like magic. Every time I took it the morning sickness completely subsided for a few hours. That lasted a week then it stopped working, but oh what a week.

Acupressure wrist bands for car and sea sickness worked well. They took the edge of the nausea. So did acupuncture. But make sure you get an accredited acupuncturist who specialises in morning sickness It can be dangerous if they miss their mark.

Eating plain foods really helps. At first I was trying to get as many minerals and vitamins through my diet. But raw fruit and vegetables are harder to digest. The more cooked things are, the easier they are on your tummy. So try stews and soups, apple puree with custard or poached fruits rather than raw. Slow cook your food and don’t try to eat salads and super juices which are packed with nutrients but harder to digest.

Keep plain crackers and biscuits on hand to nibble on. When your tummy is empty that is when you will feel the most nauseous. And of course be the least inclined to want to eat anything. Wanting natural biscuits and crackers I went to the kids and baby section of a local health food store and stocked up on kids biscuits. They had all kinds of really plain biscuits sweetened with grape juice instead of sugar, plain crackers and popcorn in little packs.

Always have something with you that you can eat. No matter where you are, take a pack of biscuits or plain popcorn and a bottle of water. You need to nibble so your tummy isn’t empty for too long. Eat small meals and snacks rather than big meals that you tummy has to work hard at to digest.

Don’t gulp down water. Sip it slowly through the day or suck on ice, which really helps some expecting moms.

Surprisingly, beer helped me. Non-alcoholic of course. I’m really not kidding, I found a really nice non-alcoholic beer and kept a 6 pack in the fridge. I’d often be really sick when I got home from work, so I would have an ice cold non-alcoholic beer and a handful of potato chips or rice crackers. This would settle my tummy enough to eat a small dinner later.

Vinegar and lemon juice are supposed to help. The acidity drys the glands in your mouth so they produce less saliva. So try sipping hot water with a teaspoon of Apple Cider Vinegar and honey if you want the sweetness, or pop a slice of lemon in your hot or cold water.

If you throw it up, avoid it. It took me a few times to realise it just wasn’t worth eating any more mexican food. The number of spices (not the spiciness) made it too complex to digest. The same for Indian, too many different herbs and spices. However, curry leaves are supposed to help with nausea. I was craving them all through my pregnancy, but never found fresh ones.

Rest and stress less. Easy said and harder done. The more stressed you are the worse your morning sickness will be. So try to relax and find something that calms you. Mine was a nice long bath most nights. Its safe it not a hot bath and you can use a drop or two of essential oil if you find that helps. Just make sure to check with your health store it’s a pregnancy safe oil as there are a couple that should be avoided at different times during your pregnancy.

Vitamin B6 is meant to help. Recent research carried out in both the United States and in Thailand has shown it to help with nausea and vomiting due to morning sickness.

tea-and-toastMy favourite remedy was told to me by a family friend and midwife: have a piece of plain or buttered toast and a cup of calming herbal tea before you get out of bed. Okay, thanks. Who makes the toast if I’m still in bed… ohhhh… he who got you into this! I was sick from 2 weeks pregnant till the day my baby girl was born. So diligent husband spend 9 months bringing me breakfast in bed. And that made the morning sickness almost worth it.



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