Flats or Heels?

Kim Kardashian ditching her heels for ballet flats.

Kim Kardashian ditching her heels for ballet flats.

Celebrities are ditching their trade mark high heels, left foot and right, as their pregnancies progress.

Rachel Zoe, Jessica Simpson, Kourtney Kardashian and Snooki, to name just a few, all wore high heels until late stages of their pregnancies. But, should you? Or should they have?

Victoria Beckham appeared to have paid the price for wearing heels late into her fourth pregnancy. She suffered a painful slipped disc.



What are the experts saying?

Beverly Hills Podiatric Surgeon Stanley Orwasher told ABC News: ‘When you’re pregnant you’re going to change the centre of gravity… Fall over you’re going to hurt yourself and hurt the baby.’

And he is not alone in his concern. Despite the fact that high heels are de rigueur for celebrity mothers-to-be, often well into the third trimester, other doctors agree that pregnant women should step away from the stilettos.

Perhaps we should follow Kim Kardashian’s lead. Kim has ditched her signature heels and was seen wearing black Chanel ballet pumps with a full-skirted momochrome coat and black leggings.

Celebrities stepping down

On her blog ( Kim has written: “I feel my best when I am in heels and chic clothes! Happy mommy, happy baby!” But early on Monday morning Kim tweeted “I never thought I would ever say this… But I’m wearing flats today,”. People magazine was not going to let this go unchecked, and soon after caught up with the star mama at the airport en route to New York City – and saw she was indeed in ballet flats.

Its not only pregnant mums-to-be that are making the switch. The Daily Mail notes that two thirds of women are ditching heels for flats and 32% women say ballet pumps are their favourite flat shoe.

Research by shows that wise women are deciding to mix up their wardrobe and leave the old adage of ‘beauty is pain’ at the bottom of their shoe rack.

Have your heels and flats too!

Why not have the best of both worlds. At Quirky Bubba we love anything that is a great price for great quality, or that is just plain, well… quirky! Like: Shoes that convert from flats to heels?

You just have to check these out. They are by Nael Coce and you can read a review here  or purchase them here.

Ambi Eternity for your maternity? Satin pump CONVERTIBLE TO FLATS with a shimmery accent on the sole.

Ambi Eternity for your maternity? Satin pump CONVERTIBLE TO FLATS with a shimmery accent on the sole.

So should you switch?

Is it actually bad for bub to wear heels during pregnancy?

Well, wearing high heels while you are pregnant does not affect the growth and development of the baby. But, it may be terribly uncomfortable, especially as your pregnancy progresses. Your body shape changes very rapidly when you are pregnant. This change causes your centre of gravity to change, increasing your chances to fall. Also, backache, which is common during pregnancy, may worsen if you choose to continue wearing high heels.

Low wedges are a great option if you cannot kick your heel habit. Or indulge and buy a really nice pair of flats that you love, and will love wearing.

There is no reason you cannot still feel sexy when you have a bun in the oven!

But at the end of the day, it is up to you. Just be careful and enjoy your pregnancy however you choose.


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Find more info on the safety of wearing high heels here:

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Kick up your heels!


Let us know, have you gone flat as your bump grows?



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