The postpartum emotional roller-coaster

There are a lot of great resources out there to read and to help. My best recommendation is to get a good novel and read that! Use the time you have recovering to bond with bub. Don’t worry about the washing and cleaning, don’t be afraid to ask for help and don’t feel judged.

Easier said than done, and it certainly helps if you have a supportive partner, friends and family. Make sure you have someone to rely on when you need someone. Even your mothers group can be a great resource, and if you don’t click with anyone there ask to be moved to a different group. Ask for a different time/day and make an effort to connect. My group still see each other at least weekly, but the best communication resource we have is a Facebook group. Here we can all post questions and concerns, coffee invites and happy bub developments within the privacy of a closed group that we know who can see and respond.

Post baby emotions can be like riding a roller coaster.

Post baby emotions can be like riding a roller coaster.

You could set up something similar with a few friends or family, even if they are not in the same country. Its just an extra level of support for when you need some sanity.

Build yourself a strong support network that you can use when you need them, and help others when they need it.

When you get home with baby, you may be feeling:
– Overjoyed
– Overwhelmed
– Overtired
– Overambitious
– Overanalysed
– Overanxious
– Overbooked
– Overbalanced
– Overlooked
– Overburdened
– Overcautious
– Overchilled
– Overexcited
– Like you are overreacting

… I certainly felt all of the above, and more, and some days nothing. The nice thing to know, is that it’s normal. It’s normal to feel a lot or a little. It’s normal for there the be a swell of new emotions or to feel like you are coping just fine and wonder what all the fuss is about. Just as baby will be different each day, so too will you.

Do you have any other tips? Leave them in the comments for everyone else. 🙂


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