Old wive’s tales for picking your baby’s gender

Is your bubba going to be a boy or girl? This is the question you are asked most when pregnant and is probably on your mind. Will you find out or do you want it to be a surprise. We are lucky that medical science can determine with almost correct accuracy what you are having.

Regardless of weather you “find out what you are having”, these little games are still fun. Especially at your baby shower or with a girlfriend on a cold winter night when you need a laugh.

Here is a collection of 11 old wives tales to predict the gender of your baby to be. Not to be taken seriously, but seriously fun none the less.

 boy or girl?

Carrying High or Low?

This is one of the most well know old wives tales.

If you are carrying baby high then its a girl.

If you are carrying baby low then its a boy.


If your hair has become thin and dull then your little goldilocks is taking all your gloss.

If your hair is full-bodied and glossy then you are having a boy.


If you had morning sickness in early pregnancy then you are having a girl.

If you breezed through without throwing up then its a boy.

Odds and Evens

Combine your age at the time of conception with the number of the month you conceived in.

Odd its a girl.

Even gamble on it being a boy.

Sugar or Spice

This old wives tale asks what you are craving.

If you are craving sweet foods then you are having a sweet little girl.

If you are craving savoury and salty foods then you are having a boy.


Tie your wedding ring to a strand of your hair (or string if your hair is not long enough). Lie down and dangle the suspended ring over your belly.

If the ring moves from side to side like a pendulum then its a girl inside. ‘

If it moves in circles its a boy.


Look in the mirror and compare the size of your breasts.

If the left is bigger its a girl.

If the right is bigger its a boy.


The Latin term for ‘black line’ it is a dark line that appears on your belly when pregnant. Most women get one, it is caused by hormones affecting your skins pigmentation.

The old wives tale goes that if it is only from your belly button to your pubic area its a girl.

If your linea nigra extends further than your belly button, to the bottom of your ribs, its a boy.

Basketball Baby

What shape does your belly most resemble.

If your baby bump is more like a watermelon then its a girl.

If you have a tight, round and compact belly like a basketball then its a boy on the way.

The Key

Pick up a single key.

If you picked it up from the point end your having a girl.

If you picked up the key from the top (round end) you are having a boy.

Show of Hands

Hold out your hands to a friend.

If you present them palms up then its a girl.

If you show your hands palms down then its a boy.

You can make a really fun night or afternoon from these games by playing them all and adding up the score of the mummy to be.

Enjoy and leave a comment if you know of another old wives tale for predicting bubbas gender.


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