Welcome to the new-look Quirky Bubba blog

Kellie Bright and her daughter

Kellie and Pippa

My name’s Kellie and I’m a mum, writer, burrito lover and Beyonce worshipper who gets overly competitive at trivia nights. I’ve been part of the Quirky Bubba family for a few years and was really excited when Amanda asked me to take over this blog. The idea is to reach out to you guys, her clients, and create a community where we can share ideas and stories about this crazy parenting business.

You guys are an important part of the Quirky Bubba family, and it’s your feedback that will help shape the future of this blog. So I’d encourage you to leave comments (keep it nice, bloggers have feelings too), ask questions and share some quirky stories of your own.

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If you ask me, the image that best sums up parenthood is this: a screaming, crying kid who accidentally blows a snot bubble mid-tantrum and bursts out laughing. It’s all about highs and lows, with plenty of weird stuff in between. And if you feel the same way I do, then we’re gonna get along juuuust fine.




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