Songs I’ve cried to since having a baby

Beatles fanBeing a parent means you’re constantly at the mercy of your emotions. They sit there, bubbling away under the surface, just waiting for you to drop your guard and… BAM. All of a sudden you’re crying in the supermarket. Not sad tears, not happy tears, just lots of tears. Songs are often the worst culprit. Here’s some of the ones I’ve bawled to lately:

Somebody to Love, Queen

Bub was nine days overdue, it was stinking hot and I’d just attempted a Target run on the first day of school holidays (rookie mistake). I was trying to distract myself but it was pointless. I was desperate to meet my baby and start our great big love affair. I pulled into the driveway and sobbed my guts out while Freddie begged and pleaded on my behalf for her to finally show up.

Clincher line:
“I just can’t get no relief, Lord! Somebody, somebody can anybody find me somebody to love?”


For Once In My Life, Stevie Wonder

It was a nothing day and neither of us felt like leaving the house. So I found a sunny patch in the nursery, popped bubs on a blanket, plonked down next to her and started sorting through our hand-me-downs. When this song came on it literally stopped me in my tracks. I’ve heard it so many times before, but I couldn’t believe how incredible the lyrics suddenly sounded. It was like getting a thousand volts straight to the new spot in my heart labelled, “Baby”. The words are so beautiful and so joyous. I sang my heart out for her, tears gushing and snot flowing. Stevie turned a nothing day into one I’ll always remember.

Clincher line:
“For once, I can say, this is mine, you can’t take it, As long as I know I have love, I can make it, For once in my life, I have someone who needs me.”


Wind in the Willows theme

I got sucked into a YouTube black hole while tracking down my favourite childhood TV shows (Care Bears, Mysterious Cities of Gold, Puddle Lane etc). When I came across this one, I completely lost it. I don’t even know why! It’s such a soft, sweet little tune that clearly unlocked a nostalgia box inside me.

PS. It also reminded me that there’s nothing wrong with plonking your kid in front of the TV on a rainy day. There’s such an emphasis on sensory play and teachable moments and casting aside the chores in order to keep your kids entertained these days. It’s exhausting. In my day we fell in love with books and TV shows and movies and the little characters became our friends… and we didn’t turn out too bad.

Clincher line:
“Spin me a dream, woven silver and gold, of sunshine and shadows and days long ago.”

My Girl, The Temptations

This one was inevitable, but it still hit me like ton of bricks. It came on in the car, I turned around and there she was. My Girl. Beaming at me with a mouth full of new teeth, a face covered in strawberry juice, one sock discarded and one pudgy fist wrapped around a tampon she’d pinched from my bag while I was buckling her in. I drove past our house and did a blockie just so I could finish the song.

Cincher line:
“I don’t need no money, fortune or fame. I’ve got all the riches, baby, one man can claim.”

Bonus Thomas J and Vada in this clip…


(Feature image and thumbnail image source: Vintage image circa 1965, Tumblr)


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